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When I was a boy, my uncle told me about his solo bicycle trek across Central America. I grew up wanting to do that too, so I studied Spanish and computer engineering. On my first trip, I climbed the tallest mountain in the Andes (Aconcagua), then I explored Peru. My second trip was a solo bicycle trek across Central America, then I got a job in in Tokyo. Now I've spent more than 10 years travelling the world, mostly with my wife Lili. We got married in Brazil, then we toured Africa by public bus, then we moved to New Zealand (nobody saw that coming), and now we are New Zealand citizens! Meanwhile our adventures continue... We don't have children and we love to travel, so why not? Check out our World Tour blog (with photos): David and Lili's World Tour, observations from the road.

I published a novel called Globalocity - the Adventures of Raymond - and the 5-star reviews keep coming in! Check it out: Globalocity is on sale now. Go on a mind-expanding odyssey. Go with Raymond. Explore everything. Global velocity!

To make money and for intellectual challenge, I work as an IT consultant in a variety of roles, for example my most-recent job title was Consulting Principal Enterprise Architect for the tax department of New Zealand (IRD). Also, I used to teach "Object-Oriented Design with Java" (Software Engineering in the wild) at the University of Colorado. Here are the Lecture Notes for the semester course (PDF files). Here's my Curriculum Vitae. And here's a cool example, a Java applet with which you can make Fractal Art (with the Java code explained).

I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently, and my bad French is getting better. I still practice Footbag (Hacky Sack) and Yoga, but my knees are no longer up for Ultimate (Frisbee) or Soccer. I ride my bicycle to work whenever possible. Sometimes I burst into spontaneous juggling.

I agree with Secular Humanism. I believe that Evolution is not just a theory, but a fact. After having visited gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and humans in the wild, I can testify that we humans talk better than our furrier cousins, but we don't climb trees as well. We are all Trained Apes, and some apes are trained better than others. The good news is that empathy is in our nature. Anyway, let's go ahead and call Evolution a fact, because now that we live in a post-fact world of fact-free fake news, the scientific persuit of reliable knowledge is more important than ever. Thanks for surfing my page. Peace.