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April 2006 - England, France, Germany, Denmark

Just before I started my (gasp!) full-time job in the USA, Lili and I went to London to visit her old flat-mates. Then Paris for a week. Then Denmark, where we met our friend Allan Petersen, who is Danish and was also there on vacation. We played footbag in the park with the "Hane Danes" who used to travel to Colorado every year to compete in the World Footbag Championships. We had a blast!

The most interesting thing from this trip culturally was the free bicycles in Copenhagen. Yes, free. If you want to travel across town, find a bike and ride it. Lili said if it were Brazil, the scheme would last about ten minutes. Denmark is socialist, and that cooperative attitude permeates the culture. The trains are impeccably clean. We noticed as a rule that pedestrians didn't cross the street when the lights were red, even in the complete absence of cars. This is a society that works! Yes, taxes are high, and rich people grumble about that, but they also appreciate the low crime and high quality of living. A survey found that Danes are the happiest people on Earth. Everyone we met seemed pretty happy! The Danes are also the world leaders in sustainable wind energy.

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