David and Lili's World Tour


  • July 2017 - Tauranga home, New Zealand

KIA ORA. Arriving from Japan... BOOM. We bought a house in Tauranga. Early drama: just when we thought we'd never find what we wanted for a fair price, the perfect place appeared on the market, with no realtor. The deal closed 8 months ago, and since then we've mostly been rocking the garden, plus we built a secret trail down into a hidden park. After 2.5 years living out of a backpack, just being home is friggin' amazing!

That's the good news. The bad news is that New Zealand's 100% Pure image has become increasingly polluted. The National Party has been in power for 9 years, and stuff is getting worse quickly. The house-price-to-income ratio and youth-suicide rates are both dead last in the so-called developed world; our rivers are increasingly unswimmable; inequality is becoming extreme; and there's no tax whatsoever on inherited or accumulated wealth. More good news! NZ is about to vote to change the government. We support New Zealand's brand-new political party, the Opportunities Party (TOP), led by a great guy (and fellow world traveller) whom we actually know personally, Gareth Morgan. This is a different kind of political party because it's all about evidence-based policies, including a tax on wealth, an unconditional basic income, polluter-pays, and even legal cannabis. The mainstream media, of course, is not promoting TOP, but Gareth's message is going viral. Election drama! Stay tuned on September 23rd...