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July 2004 - The Island of Borneo

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, is not what comes to mind when one thinks of Borneo, once famous for head hunters. There is nothing primitive about Kuching; it is clean, safe, and green. The Muslims and Christians live together in peace and harmony. The tribes no longer hunt heads. There are national parks nearby with pristine jungle, lovely beaches, and even orangutans. Malaysia snubbed the IMF during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, and was least damaged as a consequence. Compare to Indonesia. Unfortunately, logging, mining, and palm-oil plantations have drastically chopped away at the jungle. Thus, the orangutans are endangered. I challenge anyone who doesn't believe in evolution to spend time with orangutans! They are intelligent apes, and the main reason I stopped in Borneo on my way to Indonesia. Very cool :^) Their genetic proximity to humans is obvious. But giant corporations care more about profits than orangutans. The least we can do is vote for green political parties. Conservation efforts are urgent.

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