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The WORLD TOUR begins !!!

Brief update from the future: I created this web-site in 2003 to share photos with friends and family (before Facebook). The text comes from emails that I sent to my email list (before "blogging"). Over the years this site has evolved into its current photo-blog format, but in 2003 I simply bought a one-way ticket to India and went with the flow. But first I toured the USA (see below).

When my World Tour brought me to Europe in 2005, I visited Lili in London and that changed everything. We got married in Brazil, then we toured Africa by public bus, and then, well, long story... In 2008 we moved to New Zealand. Nobody saw that coming. Six years later we became New Zealand citizens! And now our World Tour continues... We invite you to (virtually) come along for the ride.

Cheers, David and Lili.

But first... These initial snaps (above) are from my first big adventure (in 1988), the one that got me hooked on travelling, when I climbed the tallest mountain in South America (Aconcagua), tramped in Peru during the civil war (dodgy but awesome), and partied it up in Rio de Janeiro. To pay for so much travel, I worked as a computer engineer while cooking my own meals and bicycling everywhere (with no car to save money and stay fit). I was so thrilled with it all that I've had an insatiable wanderlust ever since. My second big trip was a solo bicycle tour across Central America (I didn't bring a camera), then I moved to Japan, and then, well, long story...

Prior to 2003 I visited the following countries: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Holland, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, the USA, and Venezuela. And now my WORLD TOUR continues, with a digital camera and Lili...

Over the years, many people told me that I should write a book, especially after visiting this web site; and I always believed this was maybe a good idea. Globalocity is the story of Raymond Love Jr., a young man who travels the world, but he gets off to a bad start. Arrested at the airport leaving home (for possession of marijuana), from jail he wonders, "Why did the Feds search only me?" With help from a friend, Raymond investigates America's anti-terrorism selectee list, but he does not worry; instead he flirts with girls and he searches for truth, as backpackers in India do. The results from his friend's research however, make him worry...

Go around the world with an attitude. Go on a mind-expanding odyssey (with a secret sub-plot). Global velocity! On your journey, you'll meet gurus and gorillas, scientists and guerrillas, hippies, hustlers, historians, and people with dizzying quantities of faith. Go to Indonesia, Israel, Brazil, China, Africa, and elsewhere. Go with Raymond. Explore everything. Check it out: Globalocity - the Adventures of Raymond is ON SALE NOW !!

This web-site begins as DAVID'S WORLD TOUR and a one-way ticket to India . . .

June 2003 - Boulder, Colorado, USA

My house is empty and my backpack is packed. The renters move in next week. I still have much to do on my to-do list, things like: Get Web Page Started. I'm busy with things like: Visit Friends. I have a fun summer planned in the USA before I get on a flight from New York to Moscow, and then, when I arrive in India, I'll finally be free. That's when the real adventure begins...

I should be able to maintain this web site remotely with the help of my cousin Shepherd (Dux Gregis) and my friend Paul Crook, who is hosting leberknight.com. My plan is to snail-mail cds of pictures to Dux who will be able to upload the best ones to this site.

Note from the future: technology has moved on, so now I can maintain this web site myself from anywhere. I still use an inexpensive, pocket-sized digital camera (a Canon S120). I don't want to be that tourist with a big camera. I prefer to be discrete (and light). My challenge as a pseudo-photo-journalist is to make that little camera sing. (Lili takes portraits with her Android tablet.) Before I left Colorado I asked a professional photographer for his top tip. He said, "Only show people your best photos." This has become my motto. Bon Voyage!

July 2003 - Imperial Beach, California and Tijuana, Mexico

The border with Mexico is a one-hour walk along a nature reserve from the town of Imperial Beach, California. The border fence seems surprisingly insecure where it meets the ocean, but this is not where illegal immigrants cross into the USA because "the man" stands atop a nearby hill with high-tech binoculars, ready to apprehend anyone who dares to be so bold. (Most illegal immigrants in America arrive by airplane and overstay their visas). Mexico was the first country I ever visited as a tourist (in 1972), and I liked it so much that I dedicated myself to learning Spanish. Now I've been there a dozen times, but this visit was the shortest by far, just a few hours, long enough for a family lunch in Tijuana. I didn't take any site-worthy photos south of the border, but I did have a great visit with my mother.

July 2003 - Cleveland, Ohio

I'm getting on a roll with this whole summer vacation thing. I highly recommend taking time away from work and routine to visit far-flung friends. I'll go further than that: my advice is for you to quit your job, sell your house, or whatever it takes. Go travelling around the world. You only live once. Anyway, that's my advice.

Now I'm at my step-mother's house in Ohio, fresh from a long road trip, and by fresh I mean that I finally got a shower. I visited friends and family in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York. In summary: life is good.

August 2003 - Limestone, Maine

At least 60,000 people took over an abandoned Air-Force base for the IT Festival, the end of Phish's summer tour. My buddy Randy had extra tickets and a ride. The event reminded me of the Grateful Dead shows back in the old days, where the parking lot was as much fun as the show, with drum circles, footbag jams, peaceful happy hippies, and no hassles. Phish knows how to throw a party! So what is IT? ... Well, if you're looking for something to make your life more fulfilling, then you might go on the road hoping to find it. You might find it on the road, or you might realize that you've had it with you all along. It's not the destination; it's the ride.

August 2003 - New York, New York

I really like New York City. It has something for everybody, at times sophisticated, usually tolerant, respectful, and maintaining a sense of humor. I was lucky enough to be in Manhattan during the Big Blackout. Times Square sure has a different feel with no lights! Everyone I met was friendly and calm throughout the ordeal, even the next day when power stayed out downtown and the subways didn't run. The buses ran for free.

I used to live in New York state (Ithaca) so I have been the The City many times, but one thing was conspicuously different this time: no Twin Towers. I made a point to visit Ground Zero. I do not buy into September 11 conspiracy theories that say, "Bush did it." However, Bush's lack of cooperation with the official investigation makes me sympathetic to all who are suspicious. I believe the evidence shows that the attacks were carried out by angry Saudis who see America as Evil. This does not imply, however, that Bush and Cheney aren't war criminals who exploited the event for corrupt purposes. I think they are. I think this allegation should be investigated by Congress and the International Criminal Court. It is clear that Bush and Cheney lied to go to war, they torture people, they show disdain for the Constitution, and their main domestic goal seems to be helping themeselves and their cronies to get richer. In other words, it is people like Bush and Cheney who have caused world opinion to be so violently anti-American. In this way, they did cause the attacks of September 11. America, we need regime change. We should pass a few consitutional amendments as well (such as banning corporate personhood, switching to instant run-off voting, imposing term limits on politicians, providing public cash for campaigns, and funding all schools equally per student), all in the belief that improving the American democracy is possible. At least it's worth a try.

August 2003 - Avalon, New Jersey

I'm in Ocean City, Maryland with friends Ian and David. We went surfing on the New Jersey shore, which was fun. I've been itching to go surfing, so that was good :^) I'm excited about going to India, but first, WOW, I'm going to Moscow (after all, it's on the way)...

Another update from the future: I bought a one-way ticket and so it all began, a mind-expanding odyssey impossible to plan.

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